Cakes & Dessert


Homemade, Home Baked and Handcrafted dessert or cake, make any occasion feel more joyful.


Our desserts are made to order, with only the finest, freshest ingredients. Butter base. No premix. No artificial flavours. No preservatives.

cakes and sweets for any occasions

few kinds of muffins made fresh for each order.

homemade dounuts: dusted in sugar or filled with strawberry jam and cream

About our cake decorator:

Artist by trade, our decorator is very passionate about desserts and turned her job into a hobby. With lots of years of experience, she can carve your dream cake. Emails us your idea and we will be more than happy to make your sweet desire come true!


Made with the best ingredients,

ONLY made-to-order.

starting price $60 -8″


fruits explosion


pumpkin rasins


banana chocolate chip


carrot cake muffin




Always fresh, made-to-order ONLY.


$3 each, minimum order 1  dozen (12 pieces)



With only few ingredients, our donuts are made to order


$2.5 each, minimum order 1 dozen


$3  each, minimum order 1 dozen

Fondant & buttercream cakes!


The sizes we offer is 6″ and 8″. For bigger sizes, reqyest a quote. Depends on what kind of the cake, starting price is $45 for 6″ and $60 for 8″.

 We offer cakes covered in homemade FONDANT 

For detailed pricing or quotes, EMAIL or TEXT us







519- 577-3044


Any Day,
Any Time 

    • Dobos cake
    • Salted Caramel
    • Lemon Raspberry
    • Chocolate Raspberry
    • Chocolate Fudge 
    • Strawberry and Cream
    • Cheesecakes of any flvours
    • Pies and MORE


    What We’re Known For 


    Dobos Cake

    It’s a Hungarian cake made with super light layers that melt in your mouth and fudge buttercream, topped with burned sugar that looks like glass and tastes like caramel.


    Key Lime Pie

    The perfect balance between sweet and sour you will find in these graham cracker crust pie. The filling is made with condensed milk, egg yolks and key lime or lime juice. They are topped with vanilla whipped cream.


    $3 / piece

    minimum order 1 dz


    A variety of Made to order cupcakes.

    The base can be vanilla, chocolate, carrot or banana cake, filled with jellies, jams or creams and topped with tones of flovours or buttercream icings or light cream.




    Raving Reviews

    We are not perfect and we do not make things perfect but we are really trying to get as close as possible to that. The opinion of our customers is very important to us and we do not ignore any input. We believe that positive criticism is necessary for a beautiful and healthy growth. Bellow you can find what our customers think of our services.


    Aura Marinescu

    Grand River Hospital, Kitchener

    ” Thank you Wildflour-byDana for the generous and delicious sweet treat and for the amazing wraps that you made for the nurses on the childbirth unit of Grand River Hospital! Covid friendly wrapped and hitting just the right note with all of us!

    I strongly recommend this catering company for any of your needs! Delicious, timely and professional! Yum! “



    Natasa Radenkovic

    Cloud Realty, Inc.

    ” Thank you Dana for the most delicious birthday cake and charcuterie box that you made for our office. The quality and variety of goodies is top notch! Everything tastes homemade and delicious. 

     I highly recommend Wildflour-byDana for any sweet treat or catering needs as Dana put her true soul into making every order beyond your expectations. “






    Ovi Feceu


    ” I love delicious and healthy food and I am always trying to find the best meals, especialy a local place that I can trust. I found out about WildFlour-byDana and so far I ordered the best food in Waterloo region. Everything tasted so good, huge variety and good prices.

    I highly recomend it for any occasion. Thank you WildFlour-by Dana for your amazing and delicious food. “

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